Faith to heal

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Faith is an important element for many Cubans. Their believes fill their souls with hopes, strength and joy letting them forget the everyday challenge. I visited a Christian church and emotions and vibes were overwhelming. The church itself used to be the living room of a small apartment now completely filled with chairs and believers twice a week. Hands up as a sign of hope, young and old, white and black united under the same roof on the name of God. The pastor was an energetic leader giving you shivers each time he opened his mouth. I witness the baptisms of two young boys whom have decided to accept God in their lives.
Emotions were all over and even my hands were shaking. People gather around the small pool to witness these joyful moments. They all started to sing with their hands up. The pastor started to pray out loud. One of the boys becomes so emotional before being immersed into the pool that he started to cry. The pastor assistant holds him tight with care and comforting him. After he came out of the water a new life started and everyone was crying out “alleluia”.


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